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About Us

The team at Renewable Energy Solutions Plus has been in the renewable energy business since 2000, operating across multiple International borders in both the large scale and small scale renewable energy sectors. Our company mission is to demystify the complexities of solar and Distributed Energy Resources (DER) ie battery/storage and help our customers understand how this benefits them both financially and ethically.


Solar power saves you £££££. 

Image by Micheile Henderson

Solar power combined with storage capabilities reduces the reliance on unsustainable carbon intensive energy sources. 

Even long before society’s very existence is threatened by global warming, within the coming decades, global warming is projected to cost society trillions of pounds if left unabated. So, even ignoring the very long-term threat of societal suicide, fighting global warming with solar power will likely save society billions or even trillions of dollars.

Image by Science in HD

Solar power helps to slow/stop global warming.

Global warming threatens the survival of human society, as well as the survival of countless species. Luckily, decades (or even centuries) of research have led to efficient solar panel systems that create electricity without producing global warming pollution. Solar power is now very clearly one of the most important to help the global warming crisis.

Image by Vivint Solar
Marine solar pa.webp

Solar power provides energy security.

On top of the above reliability benefit, no one can go and buy the sun or turn sunlight into a monopoly. Combined with the simplicity of solar panels, this also provides the notable solar power advantage of energy security.

Solar power provides energy independence.

Similar to the energy security boost, solar power provides the great benefit of energy independence. Again, the “fuel” for solar panels cannot be monopolized. It is free for all to use.

So not only will it save you money but it will help save the Planet
What Our Customers Say

“The PV and connected battery has been a fantastic addition to my house. The quality of the installation is very impressive, being an electrician myself it is great to see a company who takes so much pride in the quality of their work. Since the fit my wife and I have been checking  the app daily. We are impressed with both the initial returns and the ease of monitoring the system”


Mr Seigfried Westphal, Newport  

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