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Residential Services

There are many different options for homeowners depending on their wants and needs. 

Solar Panels on Roof

From solar only

These are homeowners that use power generated through the day but still rely on the national grid and still pay premium prices when no electric can be generated. Still saving the customer £100’s a year.  

Thankfully, Prices have dropped dramatically for this system.


Now with technology moving on so much 10’s of 1000’s of people are now investing in what is called a Virtual Power Plant.

Image by Vivint Solar

Virtual Power Plant

A virtual power plant is the combination of numerous solar-powered, battery-backed homes delivering excess power back into the grid to provide power for other locations. Virtual power plants, along with centralised control stations, can make a type of smart grid or can tie into existing smart grids.

Electricity is bought and sold just like on the stock market. When its in high demand its at a higher price (morning and evening). When its not in nigh demand its sells lower (through the night).

The system we can supply uses artificial intelligence that stays connected to see when its selling at its lowest and buying at its highest. So any energy that is stored as extra in the battery it sells when its high. The majority of this is then credited to your account.

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Finance Options

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Commercial Services

Commercial solar only for your business.

More and more businesses are using solar to reduce their running costs. With prices dramatically dropped over the last 10yrs more and more businesses have seen the benefits of using solar to run their office, machinery, and many other electrical equipment.

Unlike households, which tend to use more energy before 9am and after 5pm, most businesses operate (and therefore use the vast majority of their electricity) between 9am-5pm.

If you have a business with unused roof space, why let it go to waist. Dramatically drop your running costs.

There are not many things that go down in price over a long period, but solar panels have. 15 year ago, prices were up to triple the price they are now. Systems have advanced and generate more power.

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